Levy County Quilt Museum

If we didn't get your interest on the porch, this is what we look like

when you open the door.


The yoyo quilt was made by a 16 year old about 100 years ago.

Levy County Quilt Museum
11050 NW 10th Ave    Chiefland, Florida 32626
352-493-2801    levyquilts@gmail.com
Tuesday - Saturday      10 – 3
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Our Levy County quilt

was made by the

Log Cabin Quilters in the 1988.

The quilt blocks are all

about our county.

Our Museum items show a little of the past.  

All the items have been donated over the years. 

Stop in for a visit.  There is no admission fee. 

We'll be happy to visit with you and tell you about the Museum. 

Gregory (the moose head) was mounted 40 years ago and oversees all activities in the Musuem. 

He is wearing an

antique quilt frame and is surrounded

by many quilt blocks.

We're proud of our one of a kind tie quilt.  The tiesin the center are from President Jimmy Carter

and President Gerald Ford. 

The ties on the outside are from

Governors that were in office

in various states in 1990.